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Western Star 5700 TL/LTL

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5700 XE (Extreme Efficiency)

  • STD 126"
  • STD Up to 250"
  • STD 50"
  • OPT Detroit DD13, 12.8L (350-470 hp 1250-1650 lb-ft)
  • STD Detroit DD15, 14.8L (455-505 hp 1550-1750 lb-ft)
  • OPT Detroit DD16, 15.6L (475-600 hp 1850-2050 lb-ft)
Integrated Powertrain
  • OPT Detroit DD15, 14.8L (400 hp 1750 lb-ft, Downsped) with Detroit DT12 Direct Drive Automated Manual Transmission and Detroit tandem (6x4) or single drive (6x2) with specially matched final gear ratios and tag axle @ 40,000 lbs
  • STD Detroit DT12 Automated Manual Transmission
  • OPT Eaton Fuller 9-, 10-, 13-, 15- and 18-speed
Cab Type
  • STD Welded galvannealed steel with roped-in or bonded windshield
Cab Interior
  • STD Base: Agate/gray two-tone interior
  • OPT Premium: Two-tone with soft touch panels
  • OPT Grey Trim w/ Smoky Mountain Gray Upholstery
  • OPT Grey Trim w/ Pacific Forest Green Upholstery
  • OPT Grey Trim w/ Maple Leaf Red Upholstery
  • OPT Grey Trim w/ Prairie Buckskin Upholstery
  • STD Polished stainless steel with perforated steel bug/rock screen
  • OPT Factory winter front option
  • STD Modular 4-piece bumper with under-valance panel and polished stainless steel fascia
  • STD Modular three-piece headlights with projector beam halogen bulbs and LED marker lights
Air Intake
  • STD Dual side hood air intakes with high capacity air cleaner
  • STD Standard with two-stage filter system
Front Axle
  • STD Detroit single 12,000-14,700 lbs
  • OPT Hendrickson single 12,500 lbs
Rear Axle
  • OPT Detroit single 23,000 lbs
  • STD Detroit tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs
  • OPT Meritor tandem 40,000 lbs
Front Suspension
  • STD Taperleaf 12,000-14,600 lbs
  • OPT Hendrickson AirTek 12,500 air suspension
Rear Suspension
  • STD AirLiner 23,000-46,000 lbs
  • OPT Available Air drum and disc
  • STD WABCO 4S/4M, 6S/4M, 6S/6M Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with and without traction enhancement
  • STD Enhanced stability control
  • OPT Roll stability control
  • OPT Lane departure warning system
  • OPT Adaptive cruise control
  • OPT Wabco OnGuard radar collision avoidance/mitigation system
  • STD Rugged single channel lightweight frame
  • OPT Partial frame liners available
Fuel Tanks
  • STD Aluminum 25" Cylindrical 50-150 gallon (189-567 liter) RH or LH
  • OPT Combination fuel/hydraulic tanks available in various sizes
DEF Tank
  • STD 13 or 23 gallon (49 or 87 liter)