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KENWORTH T660. Let your journey begin.

They say you can’t improve on a legend. We respectfully disagree. The sweep of time has always brought unimagined advances. As true in trucking as it is in life. A bold new concept in aero conventionals, the Kenworth T660 combines the artistry - and practical benefi ts – of optimized aerodynamics with unprecedented luxury, intelligent technology, time-tested methods and unmatched value.

T660 Description
Kenworth T660

The aesthetics of aerodynamic truck design call for exacting and rigorous standards.

You don’t create North America’s most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul conventional by taking anything for granted. You scrutinize and fine-tune even the smallest detail – the precise headlamp shape, hood slope, chassis fairing and synergistic fit of every aerocomponent. You employ leading-edge tools, technologies and materials to advance the state of aerodynamic art. And, with your eyes firmly on the road ahead, you push the envelope as far as it will go.

CAB FEATURES Splendor Diamond Diamond/VIT
Smooth upholstered side and back panels
Upholstered door pads and carpeted kick panel
Full vinyl headliner
Instrument panel with black trim
Diamond-tufted upholstered side and back panels
Diamond upholstered door pads and carpeted kick panels
Full diamond-tufted vinyl headliner
Diamond button colors matches primary lining color
Instrument panel with wood grain trim
Black rubber floormat
Driver and rider side inside sunvisors
Door map pockets
Accessory power outlets in center console
Under dash floor lighting with red lens
Left and right dome lamps mounted above doors
SLEEPER FEATURES Splendor Diamond Diamond/VIT
Full vinyl headliner
Rolled and pleated upholstered wall panels and sleeper door pads
Full Diamond-tufted vinyl headliners
Diamond upholstered door pads and wall panels
Button color matches primary lining color
Two utility lights in tool compartment
Fold-down table
Right-hand sleeper emergency exit door
Sleeper curtain
Black rubber floor mat in sleeper
Open shelving and hanging closets
Drawers and closet doors
Accessory power outlet
Digital clock in sleeper
Under-bunk storage

At the heart of the T660 is a fully optimized and integrated drivetrain featuring the quality and proven reliability of the PACCAR MX-13 engine. These highly efficient, clean running engines deliver up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque – all the muscle you need to do the job.

In addition to industry-leading fuel economy, the PACCAR MX-13 employs innovative high-strength yet lightweight components and premium materials to achieve superior durability and power-to-weight performance. The technologically advanced design reduces in-cab noise levels significantly for a more comfortable driving environment. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in combination with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) enables the PACCAR MX-13 to boast near-zero emissions.

Bottom line: Expect longer service intervals, increased uptime, lower operating costs and higher resale value.


Engine Horsepower Peak Torque lb-ft @ rpm
380 1,450 @ 1,000
405 1,450 @ 1,000
405 1,550/1,750 @ 1,000*
430 1,550 @ 1,000
430 1,550/1,750 @ 1,000*
455 1,650 @ 1,000
455 1,550/1,750 @ 1,000*
485 1,650 @ 1,000
500 1,850 @ 1,100


Configuration Inline 6-cylinder
Bore x Stroke (mm) 130 x 162
Displacement 12.9 lite rs
Dry Weight 2,600 lbs
Oil Syste m Capacity 42 U.S. quarts
Horsepower 380-500 hp
Peak Torque 1,450-1,850 lb.-ft.
Governed Speed 2,200 rpm
Clutch Engagement Torque* 973 lb.-ft. @ 800 rpm
B10 Design Life 1,000,000 miles/ 1,600,000 km
Base Warranty** 2 Years/250,000 miles/400,000 km
* Determined By Engine Horsepower And Idle Setting
** Extended Protection Plans Available

Maintenance Intervals

Mainte nance Item Miles Km
Fuel Filter - Vocational Duty 25,000 40,000
Fuel Filter - Standard Duty 40,000 60,000
Oil and Filter - Vocational Duty 25,000 40,000
- Std. Duty > 20% Idle Time 40,000 64,000
- Std. Duty < 20% Idle Time 60,000 96,000
Coolant Filter (if equipped) 160,000 256,000
DEF Filter 300,000 480,000