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Freightliner Sprinter Crew Van 2500 High Roof 170" Wheelbase 4x4

Key Features
 4-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Effortlessly combining the benefits of two-stage turbocharged power, 265 lb-ft of torque, diesel fuel economy and durability in one compact package, the impressive 4-cylinder powertrain with 7-speed 7G-TRONIC transmission offers you up to 18%2 greater fuel efficiency, standard on all Sprinter Van models.

 6-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Offering 325 lb-ft of turbocharged torque across a broad rpm range, the 6-cylinder diesel engine/5-speed automatic transmission option delivers greater horsepower. With peak torque coming in at a low rpm, the V6 engine gives you ample pulling power when the light turns green, when merging onto a highway, and especially under a load - precisely when it matters most.

 7-speed Automatic 7G-TRONIC Transmission

Refined for maximum efficiency, a quick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission delivers lower fuel consumption, reduced noise, and longer service life.

 6-Cylinder 4x4 Diesel Engine

Helping you tackle challenging road and weather conditions, on-demand all-wheel drive technology helps maintain stability and control with electronically controlled adaptive torque distribution to all four wheels - letting you hit the road with confidence.

 Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)

Standard on all Sprinter Van models, this innovative feature takes the vehicle load and center of gravity into account, automatically braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to stabilize the vehicle if wheelspin, understeer or oversteer is detected.

 Crosswind Assist

Continuing our heritage as the industry's safety leaders, the Sprinter Van introduces Crosswind Assist3 as a new standard feature on Sprinter Van. At speeds over 50 mph, gentle, course-correcting brake application quickly intervenes to stabilize your Sprinter Van in strong, gusting crosswinds.

 Highbeam Assist

Highbeam Assist takes the annoyance of constantly switching between high and low beams out of your driving experience, automatically switching the high beams on and off depending upon traffic ahead and oncoming vehicles.

 Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist uses a multifunction camera in the windshield to recognize unintentional drifting out of lane, sending a visible and audible signal to the driver when lane departure is detected.

 Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist uses radar sensors to monitor the surroundings of your Sprinter Van. If the system detects another vehicle alongside, visual notifications are triggered in the side view mirrors to prevent you from potentially dangerous lane changes, an audible warning further helps to alert the driver.

 Collission Prevention Assist

Collision Prevention Assist enhances driving safety by helping you to avoid rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead.


PARKTRONIC warns of a possible collision when maneuvering in confined spaces, providing parking assistance when you need it most.

 Back-Up Camera

An available back-up camera allows you to view rear obstacles and people on the standard 5.8" head unit, helping you safely reverse while maneuvering and parking.

 Defined Exterior

From the detailed grille and sharp contoured headlights, to the chiseled bumper, the superior craftsmanship of the Sprinter Van is visible from any angle - offering dramatic proof that this is the unmistakable face of commercial vehicles.

 Refined Interior

For the amount of time you spend in your commercial vehicle, it should be as efficient and ergonomic as possible. Featuring an optional multifunction steering wheel, bold gearshift lever, high-gloss panel, and convenient dashboard storage, the Sprinter's cockpit was purposely built with you in mind.


The Sprinter Van is loaded with connectivity, including a 5.8-inch color display, Bluetooth® telephone system and audio streaming, USB connection, and iPod® interface.


Freightliner Crew Van
2500 Standard Roof 144 Wheelbase

Overall Height:
94.3 in
Overall Length:
233.3 in
Overall Width with mirrors
95.5 in
Wheel base
144.3 in


Turning Diameter (wall to wall):
47.6 ft
Ground To First Step-Side:
20.4 in
Load Height-Rear:
27.6 in
Door Opening-Side(Height):
59.8 in
Door Opening-Rear(Height):
60.6 in
Dual Door Width-Side:
51.2 in
Door Width-Rear:
61.5 in
Cargo Bed Length:
101.2 in
Cargo Width at Wheelhouse:
53.1 in
Max Width at Floor:
70.1 in

Key Features

4-Cylinder Diesel
Max Payload Capacity:
3,237 lbs
Max Towing Capacity:
5,000 lbs
Cargo Volume:
220.1 cu ft
Int. Standing Height:
64.0 in
Max Seating Capacity:
Up to 5


Max Available GVWR:
8,550 lbs
Base Curb Weight:
5,313 lbs
Max Payload:
3,237 lbs
Max Available GCWR:
13,550 lbs
Max Towing:
5,000 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
24.5 gal


4-Cylinder Diesel
Fuel Type:
2,143 cc
161 hp at 3800 rpm
Rated Torque:
265 lb-ft at 1,400-2,400 rpm
7-Speed 7G-TRONIC
Drive Shaft:
Rear-wheel drive
Emission Certification:
Low-emission EPA14/carb certified