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Freightliner Cascadia Evolution

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Innovation is Everywhere

The Cascadia Evolution represents tremendous achievements by Freightliner and Detroit engineers. It’s a powerful performer. It makes a positive impact on your bottom line. And from the grille to the tail lights, it offers an impressive variety of innovative technologies.

Drive Into The Future

The Cascadia Evolution is designed and built to our rigid efficiency standards. It’s durable and dependable. And to help fleets maximize uptime and profitability, we also offer innovative new tools to generate more and more value over time.

Steady Performance

Crosswinds can make driving difficult and reduce fuel economy. But with the Cascadia Evolution, you’ll have a distinct advantage. The as-standard side extenders and chassis fairings enable the truck to perform extremely well in crosswind conditions, improving airflow and increasing fuel efficiency.

Key Features
 An Evolved Engine

Freightliner Trucks and Detroit engineers work together to continuously improve performance and efficiency. The Detroit™ DD15® engine is an industry leader, helping make the original Cascadia model a top performer. And now, our engineers have pushed the envelope of efficiency even further.

The Cascadia Evolution is powered exclusively by the newly designed Detroit DD15 engine. It includes a proprietary asymmetric turbocharger, improved engine electronics, next-generation ACRS™ fuel system, new piston design, variable speed water pump and more. It also utilizes BlueTec® SCR emissions technology, which meets EPA clean air requirements. As a result, you can expect better fuel economy than ever before.

 Intelligent Diagnostics

The state-of-the-art, dual-functioning electrical system on the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution blends diagnostic tools with the best of traditional systems. Just like the original Cascadia system, this evolutionary design allows any technician to access diagnostics, such as engine and transmission Electronic Control Units (ECUs), with ease. It’s an intelligent design that slashes downtime and repair costs.

 Flexible Electrical System

Want the brake lights to come on whenever the engine brake is in use? In the past, that meant hard-wiring. But a flexible electrical system allows dealer or fleet technicians to set this and many other options to inexpensively customize the Cascadia Evolution.

Quick-to-Service Ingenuity

On the Cascadia Evolution, the hood opens effortlessly and wide for fast engine access. The standard roped-in windshield can be quickly replaced. And, with the three-piece design of both the bumper and hood, road debris, dents and dings are easily repaired. If only one part needs to be replaced or painted, that reduces labor costs and downtime. Since chassis side fairings have smaller sacrificial parts, quick release hinges, and are available in mold-in color, fairing repair and replacement is less expensive and easy.

455 to 505 HP
Cab Configurations
Day Cab, Mid-roof XT, Raised Roof
Detroit™ DD13® (Day Cab Only), Detroit™ DD15®
Detroit, Meritor
Taper Leaf, , Hendrickson Airtek®, Airliner®
  • Eaton Fuller® 8, 9, 10, 13,  15 and 18 speed

Automated Manual
  • Detroit™ DD12® 12 speed

  • Allison® 3000, 4000 and 4500 series
Standart Features
  • Advanced aerodynamic enhancements include:
    • Bumper Air Dam
    • Hood-to-Bumper Fill
    • Bumper Closure
    • Cooling Enhancements
    • Windshield Seal Improvements
    • Elliptical-Shaped Mirrors
    • Side Extender Filler Piece
    • Rear Wheel Covers
    • Integrated Antenna
    • Chassis Side Fairing Enhancements
    • 20-inch Side Extenders
  • Newly-designed Detroit™ DD15® engine with the proprietary asymmetric turbocharger
  • Most recent addition to Freightliner's fully compliant GHG14 vehicles
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • Powerful HVAC system with six dash-mounted vents, eight blower speeds and 20 percent greater airflow
  • High-tech thermal and noise insulation
  • Overhead storage console
  • Cab insulation and pre-stressed walls
  • Adjustable tilt-telescoping steering column
  • Wrap-around dash
  • Low-mounted dash and sloped hood
  • Steering wheel mounted controls
  • Large rear windows — 56" x 22" combined viewable area in a day cab application
  • Robust pedestal mirror design with power mirror adjustment
  • Up to 50-degree wheel cut
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • EPA 2010-compliant SCR technology
  • Widely available tool-free standard headlamp bulbs
  • Rugged three-piece bumper
  • Detachable three-piece rain tray and quick rear engine access
  • Gas strut-assisted hood
  • Roped-in windshield
  • Power Distribution Center fuses and circuit breakers grouped in a single location
  • Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ remote engine diagnostics
Optional Features
  • Optional Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission, available exclusively on the Cascadia Evolution
  • Hendrickson AIRTEK front suspension
  • Bendix air disc brakes for steer and drive axles
  • Wide-base single wheel and tire options
  • Freightliner SmartShift® steering-column mounted transmission controls for automated transmissions
  • Three different dash gauge packages with optional driver message center
  • Enhanced Stability Control
  • Roll Stability Control
  • Qualcomm pre-wire packages
  • LifeGuard RollTek® driver and passenger rollover restraint and seat mounted air bag system
  • Driver’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) steering wheel airbag
  • Wabco OnGuard collision mitigation system
  • Eaton VORAD side object detection system
  • Lane guidance system
  • Eaton VS-400 collision warning and adaptive cruise control system
  • RunSmart Predictive Cruise control
  • Factory installed TriPac Auxillary Power Unit powered by Thermo King
 Quiet Cab for Increased Comfort

The sound engineers of the original Cascadia set a goal and reached it: minimize the noise that enters the cab. They measured in-cab noise while the engine roared. They isolated and stopped wind noise during testing in Daimler Trucks North America’s revolutionary wind tunnel. They gridded off the entire interior and listened to every square inch with electronic sonar technology to track down and silence all the squeaks, rattles, hums and noises. The result: a quiet truck that reduces audible vibration frequency by 50 percent and significantly reduces driver stress and fatigue. The cab of the Cascadia Evolution is no different.

 Better Sleep for Safer Roads

Whether behind the wheel driving or resting while a partner drives, safety is the top priority of Freightliner Trucks. Studies have shown the louder the cab, the worse a driver sleeps. This leads to slower reaction time on the road. The stiff, curved cab walls of the original Cascadia are also found in the Cascadia Evolution. These walls reduce vibration noise, and a thick blanket of noise-dampening insulation covers everything inside the cab. So behind the wheel or asleep in the bunk, the Evolution cab—with a high level of insulation as standard—is quiet for reduced driver fatigue, improved sleep and, ultimately, safer roads.